our Projects


Kibbutz Beerot Isaac power plant Designing.

Gas power station at Kibbutz Neot Mordechai - Abg'k company complete design, integration of all systems and full running.

Generator in Organic waste treatment facility - "Hiriya".

Engineering and supervision in generators System – "Emek Hefer".

Developing a unique system to create wind power.


In all the projects involving planning and execution, PLC and HMI software was written by us.

IMI - Israel Military Industries Ltd. - Renovation lines SCAMP create light ammunition.

Esme Oz Feed Mill PLC and HMI software .

Kfar Hitim treatment plant control center and HMI system.

Control Center and HMI system of all water facilities in the municipality area of Tiberius City.

South Cotton GIN - Maintenance software PLC controller and HMI.

And more ...


IMI - Israel Military Industries Ltd. - Renovation SCAMP lines manufacturing  light ammunition.

1200 units per minute. Redesign of all electrical  automation and motion systems.

Designing Feed Mills:

Electrical control and automation design of production lines.

Esme Oz in Ofakim, 60 tons per hour.

Rafael mixtures Emek Hefer, 18 tons per hour.

Gvardia at Stavropol in Russia, - 20 tones an hour.

GES, "Dan Vairo" - Design and construction of a Sludge Treatment processes Plant in "Shafdan" The biggest sludge treatment Plant in Israel.

Einat technologies LTD - Designing and development of military systems. Designing development and manufacture of the industry estimates Semiconductor Applied Materials.

Elco Designing Control systems of wastewater treatment plants, upgrading sewage treatment plant in Natniy- 60,000 cubic meters per day. Rahat - upgrading the sewage treatment plant on about 10,000 cubic meters. Upgrading the sewage treatment plant about 10,000 cubic meters of paths on the day.

I Scain Robotics LTD- Electrical Designing and control of robotic production line for glass.

HP Indigo Ness Ziona - design and implementation of systems for testing and calibration of modules for printing presses.

South Cotton GIN - a complete overhaul of the plant control system.

Barkan Wineries - installations integration and running of a new wine filling 10,000 bottles per hour.

Elram Engineering LTD - Design and implementation of a Theater stage control system in Beer-Sheba. And in Ashdod theater.

And more ...